Before any purchase of an action camera or goggle camera, you want to know how it compares to other cameras on the market right? OK, this comparison is not exactly like-for-like products and the price points are very different. I’m sure you may have already seen or heard about Gopro action cameras. Now into their fourth generation of sports camera, the market leader and commanding a marketing budget that any F1 team would drool about.

Liquid Image took a different approach when it comes to capturing all your best action moments. They went ahead and put a camera INTO your goggle. This allows for a true point-of-view experience when watching your action play back. It also means you don’t have something mounted to you which could come off and a critical point. You also know that your still recording the action because you can see a discreet light indicating that you are still recording. How many times have you thought your GoPro was still on only to check back a realise you missed the whole damn thing!

Let’s take a look at some of the comparisons made here and see if we can get a better idea how these products match up.

Jason Jacobs from made this film. He says “TechwareLabs compares the Liquid Image Torque HD Video Goggles against the GoPro HD Hero 2. We demonstrate video and audio quality using side by side shots of the same video footage so you can truly see and hear the difference. See why we selected the Liquid Image goggles over the GoPro HD Hero 2.”

Looking at this video it looks like the Liquid Image Goggle Camera has the edge in terms of quality. The audio on the Liquid Image section also sounds better as it handles the wind much better. The GoPro just seems a little washed out by comparison.

Liquid Image Apex HD+ Snow Goggles vs. GoPro Hero 3 Black”>Liquid Image Apex HD+ Snow Goggles vs. GoPro Hero 3 Black

Gizmodo ran this test to compare the Liquid Image’s Apex HD+ Snow Goggles (action camera built in) and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Brent Rose went snowboarding with the two action cameras for a quick comparison. You can clearly see a difference in picture between the two cameras. As to which you prefer would be down to your personal taste. They both look great. Of course, their is a big difference in price.