The Apex HD is a Full HD Video Snow Goggle. With the camera lens positioned just above the eyes, the Apex captures True POV footage of everything you see. This new model features an adjustable camera lens within 30 degrees of tilt to dial in the best camera angle for your stance whether you snowboard, ski, or ride a snowmobile.

Liquid Image Apex HD 1080P Video Camera Snow Goggles

Capture 1080p ski and snowboard video from your point-of-view with the Liquid Image Apex HD snow goggles.

Relive the action as it happened and show off your supreme snow-sport skills with these sleek and stylish ski goggles.

Hands-free with no mounting necessary – just slip them on and hit the slopes.

Key Features
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• Hands-free POV snow sports video
• 135° wide-angle camera lens
• Ionised goggle lens
• Water-resistant
• 12-megapixel still photos
• 2-hour battery life
• 30° lens tilt
• MicroSD compatible; 4GB included

Positioned just above your eyes, the Apex’s 5-megapixel CMOS sensor offers vibrant high-definition video at resolutions of[email protected] or [email protected], as well as 12-megapixel still photos.

The lens captures a 135° field-of-view – perfect for framing the majestic mountain scenery – and can be tilted 30° up or down to suit your style.

A built-in microphone with wind-resistant technology records awesome audio as you blast down the mountain, and its water-resistant build secures the camera from those inevitable off-piste wipe-outs.

The removable, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery keeps the camera ticking for up to 2-hours of mountain action, and a 4GB MicroSD card is included to get you started.

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High-definition winter sports video
• Shoot true point-of-view video from the mountain with these ski goggles, which feature a high-definition video camera placed just above your eyes.
• Concentrate on your skiing with this hands-free HD camera – no mounting required.

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• Capture crisp HD snow sports video at 1080p as you carve the powder, nail an off-piste run or bust out a session at the terrain park.
• Switch to [email protected] for smoother video that’s ideal for slow-motion action.

Sleek design with ionised lens
• The perfect combination of style and practicality, the Liquid Image Apex HD goggles look great, are aerodynamic in shape and extremely comfortable to wear.
• Curved ionised lenses are included in the pack for UV protection – the White model includes gold and amber lenses, the Black model includes gold and grey lenses.

Image stabilisation
• Built-in image stabilisation supplements the awesome video quality by reducing the shake and vibration an epic snow session entails.

• Don’t fear damage from the snow; the Liquid Image Apex HD is water-resistant and capable of withstanding snow, rain and sleet with ease.

30° lens tilt
• Tilt the camera 30° up or down for slight adjustments to suit your skiing or snowboarding style.

135° wide-angle lens
• The Apex’s 135° diagonal wide-angle lens captures all the action in frame, and backdrops it with the epic mountain scenery that surrounds you.

12-megapixel still photos
• Shoot high-quality 12-megapixel images with the Apex’s still photo mode.
• Capture timelapse videos using the Continuous Photo Mode.

MicroSD compatible; 4GB card included
• Store your videos via Class 4 or above MicroSD cards up to 32GB in capacity. A 32GB MicroSD will store approximately 354-minutes of video and up to 20,000 photos.


Video Resolutions:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Image Sensor:
• 5-megapixel
• ½.5”

Video Bitrate:
• Up to 13Mbps for both [email protected] and [email protected]

Video Format:
• H.264 MOV


Photo Resolution:
• 12-megapixel (interpolated)
• 3000×4000-pixels

Photo Modes:
• 12-megapixel stills
• Continuous shot

Photo Format:


Lens Type:
• 8-elements 7G + 1IRF

Field of View:
• 135°

Lens Aperture:
• F/3.2

Lens Focus:
• 0.4 to infinite

Shutter Speed:
• 1/2 to 1/8000 second


Battery Type:
• 1150mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery Performance:
• 2-hours (estimated minimum battery performance)


Memory Type:
• MicroSD/SDHC Card up to 32GB
• Class 4 and above
• 4GB MicroSDHC Card included

Storage Capacity with a 32GB Card:
• Video – 354-minutes
• Photo – 20,000


• Built-in microphone with wind guard technology


• x 9.4cm x 9.1cm
• 250g

• 2-metres

• Segment LCD

• USB2.0 High Speed
• Micro HDMI

Support System:
• Windows XP
• Vista
• Windows 7
• Mac 9.x or above
• No software require to download files

Model Number:
• 338

Liquid Image Apex HD Camera Goggles

• Ionised Lens
Standard Ionised Lens for 338 Black; Gold Ionised Lens for 338 White.

• Replaceable Face Foam

• Micro Fibre Bag

• 1150 mAh Rechargeable Battery

• USB Cable

• Extra Snow Amber Lens

• Hex Wrench

• 4GB MicroSD Card

• User Manual

• Warranty Card


Liquid Image products have been honoured for design and functionality by the CEA organization multiple times. The streamlined and ergonomically designed sports equipment created by Liquid Image offers technology that is both easy to use and beneficial to athletic performance, all at an affordable retail price point. The products range from low priced models that appeal to vacationing families up to higher-level models for photographers, athletes and the savvy tech consumer.