Shoot incredible underwater video with the Liquid Image Wide Angle Scuba Series HD 1080P. This scuba mask camera records video in Full HD and takes 12 mega-pixel still images, so you can capture all the wonders of the ocean deep, coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks.

Key Features

  • 324 model built with MID-SIZE skirt – SEE ON AMAZON
  • 325 model built with EXTRA LARGE skirt – SEE ON AMAZON
  • Shoots 1080p (30fps) and 720p (60fps)
  • Depth rated to 40 metres (130 feet)
  • 12 mega-pixel still images
  • 136° wide-angle lens
  • Lever style button for use with dive gloves
An amazing underwater adventure is waiting for you with the Wide Angle Scuba Series HD 1080p Underwater Video Camera Mask by Liquid Image. Even if you travel light and leave your camera and waterproof housing kit at home, there’s no need to compromise on quality. At depths as great as 40 metres, this hands-free ergonomically designed mask produces superb video with smooth motion and clarity. Simple dual-lever operation allows you to signal your dive buddy safely and record the wonders of marine life without any distractions. Supplied with its own carrying case, the Scuba Series HD 1080p is perfect whether exploring deep sea wrecks or the coral just below the surface.

Based in California, Liquid Image was founded in 2002 and has evolved with a focus on Sport Tech and Wireless Electronic Products. As innovator and manufacturer of the first ever Camera Mask and a leading Action Camera manufacturer, Liquid Image products and accessories now encompass virtually all sports.

Image is a photograph of a Trigger Fishl, taken with the Scuba HD 1080p Video Mask.

Capturing vivid colours with one of the only snorkelling masks in the world to feature a built-in 12MP camera.

Point of View Recording

Pressing the shutter at that critical moment can be the difference between bland pictures and stunning photography. Below the surface of the water with fish darting in and out of focus and friends diving in and out of the shadows it is easy to miss what could have been frame worthy images. With the Scuba Series HD 1080p the camera is positioned directly above the bridge of your nose so you can set the video to record and the 135° field-of-view wide-angle lens will capture all the surrounding scenery, leaving your hands free for swimming and exploring.

Perfect Pictures with Simplistic Ease

Eliminating the need for a standard underwater camera, this diving mask captures amazing true POV Full-HD (1920x1080p) video with sound at up to30fps, or high-action HD (1280x720p) with sound at 60fps. In photo mode, 12 megapixel still images are taken. And with the benefit of cross-hairs printed on the lenses, you can ensure that your intended target is always in shot.

Picture shows the Scuba Series HD 1080p mask from the back.

The integrated LCD screen provides status information on all the important features.

Easy to operate, you won’t waste time deciphering numerous settings menus. The lever style controls can be easily accessed along the upper right corner of the frame and with just one hand you can operate them even while wearing diving gloves. This intuitive mask will leave you in no doubt of which mode you are in thanks to colour changing LEDs inside the mask and an LCD status screen that displays various icons to indicate information such as remaining battery life, memory card insertion and the number of files recorded.

Equipped and Ready For Action

Recording good quality film at depths of up to 40 metres you can dive in salt or fresh water without worry. Made of tempered glass, the lenses sit within a comfortable silicone skirt designed to fit all face shapes. The seals on the battery and memory compartments are very secure and with marks to denote when you have turned them to the safe waterproof locking position, you can relax and enjoy your swim. And if you want to delve into poorly lit areas, battery powered side-lights are available from Liquid Image which attach neatly onto the mounts already installed on the sides of the mask.

Picture shows the box contents, comprising the mask, USB and TV (RCA) cables, silicone grease, user manual and four AAA lithium batteries.

The Scuba Series HD 1080p mask comes with both USB and TV-Out cables.

A Whole Ocean of Memories

Downloading and sharing your footage couldn’t be simpler. Once recorded, content is saved onto microSD or microSDHC card[1] and Class 4 (or faster) cards of up to 32GB capacity are supported. With the capacity to store up to 16,000 images and 354 minutes of video on a 16GB card you’ll have plenty of file space to record everything you see, so you can select the best clips back at home. And packing up to 4 hours of battery life in Full-HD video mode using the 4 x AAA lithium batteries included, the Scuba Series HD Mask can just keep rolling whilst you enjoy breathtaking views of pristine coral and extraordinary marine life. Back on dry land, files can be rapidly downloaded to a computer through the provided High Speed USB cable; direct from the memory card using a suitable card reader; or viewed directly on the big screen using the included RCA cable to connect to an HDTV. Whether you choose to share your exploits through your favourite networking sites or keep your discoveries close, you are sure to want to revisit the memories time and again.

With the Scuba Series HD 1080p Underwater Video Camera Mask from Liquid Image you can record excellent quality footage at depths few people dare to reach. Just add water and this clever video mask will deliver great underwater shots you can be proud of.

[1] A microSD/SDHC card (not included) is required for operation as the camera has no internal photo/video memory.

Liquid Image 12MP Wide Angle Scuba Series Full HD 1080p Diving Camera Mask


• Shoots 1080p (30fps) and 720p (60fps)
• Depth rated to 40 metres (130 feet)
• 12 mega-pixel still images
• 136¬∞ wide-angle lens
• Lever style button for use with dive gloves
• LED inside mask, telling you if you‚Äôre in photo/video
• Built in USB cable
• MicroSD compatible (up to 32GB)
• Powered by 4x AAA batteries
Photo & Video
Video Resolution:
• HD1080p: 1920×1080
• HD720: 1280×720
Image Sensor:
• 5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor
Image Resolution:
• 4000×3000
Digital Video Recording Rate:
• 1080p at 30fps
• 720p at 60fps
• F/3.2 f=2,75 (135 Degree FOV)
Lens Aperture:
• F/3.2 f=2,75
Lens Focus:
• .4m to infinity
Shutter Speed:
• Stills: 1/16 to 1/10000 seconds
• Auto: ISO 100-200
White Balance:
• Automatic
• Status LCD Panel
Internal NAND Flash Memory:
• 32MB ‚Äì for processing only, not for storage

Storage Medium:
• Micro SD/SDHC (up to 32GB)
Storage Capacity with 32GB card:
• Still: 36800 images (2592×1944)*
• Video: 960 minutes

Power Supply:
• 4xAAA Batteries
Battery Performance:
• Lithium Batteries ‚Äì Stills 2000, Videos 2hrs**
• Alkaline Batteries ‚Äì Stills 500, Video 16mins**

Support System:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• Mac 10.4 and above
• No software required to download files
Data Format:
• Picture ‚Äì JPEG
• Video 0 H.264 with Audio
• USB 2.0 High Speed
Optional Editing Software:
• Arcsoft MediaImpression ‚Äì PC Only

• 8.9cm x 18.7cm x 13.3cmH
• 360g (with batteries, microSD card)

• Liquid Image Scuba Series 1080p
• USB Cable
• AV Cable
• Instruction manual
• Silicon tube
• 4x AAA Lithium batteries

Liquid Image 12MP S/M Wide Angle Scuba Series Full HD 1080p Diving Camera Mask

Liquid Image 12MP XL Wide Angle Scuba Series Full HD 1080p Diving Camera Mask


Liquid Image products have been honoured for design and functionality by the CEA organization multiple times. The streamlined and ergonomically designed sports equipment created by Liquid Image offers technology that is both easy to use and beneficial to athletic performance, all at an affordable retail price point. The products range from low priced models that appeal to vacationing families up to higher-level models for photographers, athletes and the savvy tech consumer.